Beyhadh starts with Jahnvi(Kavita Ghai) enumerating Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) sins one by one before the court. Jahnvi begins by talking about the anger issues that Maya always had,Jahnvi says she had thought that with age she would calm down but it never became any better but only worse. Jahnvi speaks about how Maya killed Ashwin her own father and later tried to drive Jahnvi crazy by making her believe there was a ghost. Jahnvi adds that she had happened to stumble upon the recorder with Ashwin’s voice and later had probed further to find out that Maya was trying to drive her crazy and also accuse her of killing Ashwin. Jahnvi relates how Maya had pushed her off the window when she had confronted her , also framed Ayaan for rape. Later killed Prem by Rajeev’s help and also killed Vandana. She says that Maya had always related her own crime stories to Jahnvi because she was sure that Jahnvi will never be able to do anything about it. Jahnvi pleads then court to punish Maya and also free her off the guilt of giving birth to a dangerous girl like Maya. Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) then relates about Maya’s masterstroke that is framing Arjun(Kushal Tandon) by faking her own death.Saanjh asks Maya to relate the story herself as she will be anyhow punished. Maya tells the court of how she met a domestic abuse victim Mansi in the asylum. She befriended Mansi and later got her released from the asylum sooner than scheduled. She then convinced Mansi to take her place as only then she herself will be free of Arjun. She got Mansi her own face and a new identity but asked her to remain hidden till she herself calls her. On the night of Vandana’s murder when she had gotten Arjun unconscious in her flat she had called for Mansi and before Mansi could even digest the fact that she had walked into trouble, Maya had killed her. Maya confesses before court that what she says now is the complete truth and she did all this for her love. The court on the basis of all the witnesses and Maya’s confession sentences her to death penalty.


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