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Detective Didi 21st January 2018 Written Update

Bunty comes out of room and sees Sevak tying unconscious Bheem Singh. She is about to go inside, when the Sevak doubting her identity comes to her, and asks what is she doing here? Bunty says she wants kanha ji’s peacock feather. Just then her phone rings, Sevak takes phone from her hand and throws it. He says your game is finished and throws some powder in her eyes. He takes her somewhere and injects her something and says you will speak the truth now. Baba Shyam Rahim and his personal Sevak see her speaking the truth. Bunty tells that she came to do investigation of Aarti and Mrinal’s case. Sevak says we shall give her moksha. Baba Shyam Rahim says they are in doubt because of the two gopis and asks him to keep her captive in the room. Bheem Singh opens his eyes and thinks he told everyone and his assistants also that he is a big devotee of Baba Shyam Rahim. He hears sevaks coming there and closes his eyes. They tell that they shall give injection and kill him. One of them prepare to give injection.

Other Sevak takes Bunty to room and says people experience heaven here, and says he will do something with her now. Bunty is under the drugs influence. He tries to take out her clothes. Bunty asks him to leave her else she will beat him much. Bheem Singh beats them and opens his hand. He wears Sevak’s clothes and applies tilak, thinks he will know the secret behind innocent girl’s murder. Bunty is drowsy, but fights with him. Sevak tries to force himself on Bunty.

Bheem Singh comes there and beats the Sevak for misbehaving with her. Bunty says I knew that my dream guy will come and save me. Bheem Singh says what happened to you, that you are calling me dream guy. He hears someone coming and takes Bunty with him. They hide as they see Ashram staff going. Bunty is about to faint. Bheem Singh lifts her on his back and starts running. He takes her to car and drives the car. After sometime, he stops the car and asks her to drink water. Bunty asks if he mixed something in it and asks if he is after her. Bheem Singh says he is allergic to woman. He asks if they forced her to drink. She says she is feeling good and asks him to smile. He smiles. She says you are cute. Bheem Singh says even you are…She sleeps. Raaton Ke Jaagon plays….

Bunty’s Servant waits for Bheem and Bunty. Bheem singh comes there holding Bunty in his arms. Dilli singh says what happened to her. Bheem singh says she is drunk. Bunty still holds his hand while he rests her on bed. She sings a song. He takes her video to tease her and asks her to leave his hand, and smiles before going.

In the morning, Sevak doubting on Bunty sees the Sevaks beaten and unconscious. He wakes them up. They tell that the guy beaten them. Sevika sees the Sevak lying on floor who tried to misbehave with Bunty, and informs the Sevak. They worry that Bheem Singh and Bunty might expose their black deeds in the Ashram. They think to check Baba Shyam Rahim and says they have blinded many people and have to make his more devotees in north and south.

Bheem Singh checks the video in which Baba Shyam Rahim indisguise of Kanha ji disrespecting the woman. He thinks he has to arrest them. He says if something had happened to Bunty then he wouldn’t have forgive himself. Dilli Singh hears him and says he respects his thoughts and says he hopes Bunty gets guy like you.

Next morning, Bunty wakes up and feels her head heavy. She thinks how did I come home and calls Dilli Singh. She comes out. Bheem Singh says I have brought you here on my hard shoulder. Bunty is surprised. Nazdekiyan song plays….Bunty says I don’t remember anything. Bheem singh asks why did you drink. She says I didn’t drink and tells that she went there for investigation, and says I messaged you before going this. He says they gave you drugs and tried to drug me too, but I got saved. He shows the CCTV footage of the Ashram. Bunty says even she has footage, but her footage is erased. Bunty shares her plan to catch Baba Shyam Rahim. Bheem Singh looks on.

Baba Shyam Rahim and says this name is not less than a God and says they have fooled 1000’s of people to make this name, but you people tried to maligned my name. Sevak tells that Bheem singh and Bunty came there for investigation. Baba asks why did you try to rape her? He says you would have got some other girl. You would have thrown her in gutter to die. He says today there is a big rally in Azaad nagar and says his high profile foreigner and exclusive bhakts are coming there from all around the world and asks if Bheem Singh and Bunty do something then who will take the responsibility. He says you don’t have the answer, but I have. He takes the gun out and shoots them. His personal Sevak gives them suicide notes of the two sevaks. Baba Shyam Rahim reads it, and makes them responsible for Aarti and Mrinal’s rape and murder. His personal Sevak handover guns in their hands. Baba Shyam Rahim asks him to make arrangements of Rally.

Aarti’s mum Rukmini talks to Baba Shyam Rahim pic and says how can I forget my daughter and how to live without my husband and daughter, take me under your shelter or show me some way. Bunty comes there and aims gun at her, says it is better for you to die with my hands rather than getting killed by him. Rukmini says I have hired you for my daughter’s case and says this is Desh ki beti and taunts her. Bunty tells her that the mother who pushed her daughter to death and tells that Baba Shyam Rahim has killed your daughter. Rukmini scolds her and asks what is the proof? Bheem Singh brings Rahul there. Rahul says I told everything to Bheem singh and Bunty. Rukmini accuses him for Aarti’s death. Rahul says we planned to elope to Shimla, but when I reached there, her body was hanged on to the tree. Rukmini says you must have killed her. Bunty says Rahul haven’t killed her and tells that your Baba have done this. Rukmini says Baba is less than a God to her and says Aarti forgot Rahul in two days. Bunty tells her that she will expose Baba and make him wear chappal necklace. Rukmini says Baba is Devta and she will attend his rally today.

Baba Shyam Rahim addresses to his devotees and says my devotees are all around in the world. He says purity of body and soul are in our hands and that’s why it is our responsible to purify our bhakt in our Ashram. He says jai shri Krishna. Rukmini also attends the rally. Baba then tells that purity of body and soul is all drama which they have to do forcefully, to blind fold them and says truth is that I am a very bad person, a lootera, thug, imposter. Everyone is shocked. Sevika asks Sevak to close the mic. She takes the mic and says Baba is unwell and that’s why we are ending this Sabha right now. Reporter asks what happened to you baba ji. Baba Shyam Rahim says my health is not unwell, but my thinking is bad, actually I am a very bad person. He says I am an imposter, I called myself as Krishna Avatar and rapes young innocent innocent. He confesses that he has raped 500 girls till now. Bunty and Bheem Singh are shocked. All devotees are shocked too.

Baba says his latest victim 501 girl is 14 years of age. Rahul asks how did this happen. Bunty says she kept the same drug injection on his chair. Bheem Singh claps and asks him to tell the devotees what he did with Aarti. Baba Shyam Rahil laughs and says she was mad and wanted to marry some other guy being my gopi and tried to expose me. I have raped her and murdered her, and then asked my Sevaks to hang her on tree. She tells that I have raped Mrinal also, she captured the video and blackmailed me. I killed her also.

Bheem Singh slaps him and arrests him. Bunty says before you take him, I want to say something. She goes on stage and says shraddha and bhakti are in every Indian, but we shall not fall prey to such baba who takes advantage of our weakness. She says we have to be alert and trust someone after thinking. She asks them to trust themselves, and God, and says we have to change our thinking to make the place, a better place to live. Bheem Singh claps for her, followed by others. She says one great thing is left and calls Rahul. She blackens Baba Shyam Rahim’s face and makes him wear chappal garland. Reporter says Baba Shyam Rahim is exposed who had raped and killed many girls.

Later Bheem Singh congratulates her. Bunty also congratulates him. He asks her to drop him. She asks if you become constable because of my intelligence. Bheem says you are my lucky charm. Bunty asks him to sit and drives before he sits. She stops the car and smiles. Bheem Singh smiles and thinks he is less allergic to her. Bunty goes.

Gattu wearing a clown’s clothes asks a woman to buy a band. She refuses while talking to someone on mobile. A man comes there in joker’s clothes, throws acid on her face, and gives acid bottle in Gattu’s hand. Gattu is shocked to see acid and panics seeing girl screaming with pain.

Next week, there is a case of acid attack on girl. Gattu gets trapped in the case. Stay tuned to see how Bunty and Bheem Singh will save him and solve the case.

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