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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th February 2018 Written Update: Dada Ji To Put The Trio In Tough Situations During The Challenge

Shorvari tells Teni she was unable to sleep so came for a walk. Teni says she came to get water for herself. They turn around and confess to each other the truth. Teni says Ipshita is used to having milk this time of night. Shorvari says she was also worried about Parth living with someone else. Teni says they must stick to the challenge if they want to win it.
Jalpa discusses with Indu on phone that Parth, Teni and Shorvari have taken sensible decision. She doesn’t understand Dada ji’s challenge. They agree that he must have given this challenge to prepare them for any tough times. Indu asks Jalpa if Bharat Kumar called her. Jalpa says Bharat calls her daily but she doesn’t want to attend his call. She promises to come to meet Teni and Shorvari as soon as she gets free.
Ipshita was crying in the morning. Shorvari senses her diaper was wet and goes to take it from Parth’s room. She was about to knock the door when Parth opens it. He says Teni is in washroom. Shorvari asks him for diapers. Parth gives her way to get them. She was reluctant to enter the room and slips at the door. Parth hurries to hold her into his arms. Teni had just brought the breakfast into the corridor and watches them together. Mohini appears from behind and asks what’s going on here, they have finished everything and broken the condition. She tells Teni that she must be Parth’s wife, but here Shorvari was in his arms. Parth explains he was only helping her. Mohini asks Shorvari what she was doing outside Parth’s room, couldn’t she control her heart. Parth was about to explain, but Teni says Mohini is thinking a lot early morning. She must have come to see if Parth is awake, as he watches Ipshita’s face first in the morning. Shorvari and Mohini leave.
In the hall, Mohini says she could have caught them red-handed but Teni saved them. Dada ji says they don’t have to punish them in any case, they only want to know if their decision is right. They will have to face much situations in real life where they must go through a lot. He decides to create such situations where they can test them right now.
Shorvari brings Ipshita to the room and turns to leave. Parth says it’s not a hide and seek game that she needs to leave. Parth offers her tea, though she likes chocolate mixture. Teni turns to get some more tea but Parth says he and Shorvari can share; she must sit here. Parth finds both nervous and silent. He says it’s their decision, then why are they behaving so weird. They lived in the house earlier as well, what’s the problem now. Teni agrees that they are over-thinking. Shorvari also agrees that they are taking much pressure of this matter. Parth leaves for office. Teni hurries to give his bag to him in the corridor. Parth holds her hand and asks if a wife bids her husband farewell so dryly? Teni finally kisses his cheek. Shorvari watches the lip color mark on Parth’s cheek from the corner of corridor and breaks into laughter. Teni and Parth leave each other’s hand. She signals Parth about the mark. Teni helps Parth wipe it off. Shorvari asks Parth if he won’t kiss her doll as well. They look towards each other, Teni says he must say a bye to mummy as well. Parth says he will do it a month later.
Downstairs, Dada ji tells Parth to stay at home tomorrow. Dadi kept a pooja for him. Dadi says it’s for his and Ipshita’s health, and he must sit in pooja with his wife and Ipshita. Mohini asks how will the pooja accomplish, Teni is Parth’s wife and Shorvari is Ipshita’s mother. They look towards the three.

PRECAP: Indu tells Teni that Shorvari has decided she will sit with Parth in the pooja. Mohini fills Shorvari’s ears that Teni is trying to take her place, she is the real mother if Ipshita and holds a prior place than Teni in the house. Indu tells Teni that Shorvari couldn’t bear an heir for the family and Teni did this for them.

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