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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th January 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunti asking her father in law on earth. Pratap asks her to say loudly. Kunti shouts and calls him. Pratap says Dada ji will say you are doing cabre. Pari tells that Kunti called her and she said ok, started walking. Prema asks her to tell what happened. Pari says she didn’t go to Kunti as Kanhaiya called her and gave her 50000 envelope. Kunti asks Dada ji’s soul to tell where is the money. Panjiri says Didi is asking you to say. Kunti scolds him. Pratap asks him to tell where is 1 lakh rs. Kunti shouts at him. Pratap says may be Dada ji have hidden it somewhere. Panjiri asks her to tell where is spoons. Prarthana says agarbathi packet is missing. Pratap says his shirt is missing, Kusum says she couldn’t know about the murderer in Savdhaan India. Kunti asks
them to shut up and asks where is the money.

Pratibha asks to Pari, where she kept the envelope. Pratap asks Kunti to get up and says we are doing wrong. He asks everyone to get up and acts like SRK asking where is the money. He says when SRK can earns crores by doing this, why can’t we get 50000 Rs. Kunti asks him to say. Prema asks her to think with cool mind. Pari says I have to sit in fridge to cool down and says she remembered where money is kept. Kunti gives money to Kanhaiya. Pari says she kept money with bread. She tells when she was taking money, Panjiri asked her to keep bread in fridge. Pari keeps it with fridge and forgets. Kunti scolds her. Kanhaiya says finally money is found. Pratap asks him to give money and says I will get gift for sasumaa. Kusum scolds him. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to thank god.

Kunti says it is a miracle of ancestor. Pratibha says we both have made Pari recollect. Pari nods her head. Kunti says she knows how to pout. She asks everyone to thank her sasur ji. Pratap asks what is the guarantee that Dada ji left and says soul must be stuck here.

Later Kunti tells Sarla that she called sasur ji and he told pari. Sarla asks if he went surely and says you called me to give necklace in evening. Panjiri comes. Sarla says I need necklace. Kunti diverts the topic and says you wants to get defeated with me. Sarla says I don’t want to play ludo and asks her to give her saas necklace. Kunti begins talking about her mother in law and asks her to come to room and have tea.

Once she goes to room. Kunti asks her not to talk about necklace infront of bahus and says everyone will ask for it. Kunti opens the box, and gets keys from it. She says I will give and says my saas gave me this necklace asking me to keep it safely. She gets another keys from the box and gets another keys. She opens the necklace box, but couldn’t see the necklace. She shouts and runs out, tells Kanhaiya that her ancestral necklace is missing. Kanhaiya asks her not to worry. Pratap says sasumaa’s necklace is missing. Panjiri says she can feel her pain when Achar goes missing and says Didi is doing puja. She says you didn’t tell her that you have such necklace.

Sarla asks Kunti to call Pitr baba to find lost necklace. Pratibha asks her not to have blind faith.

Written Update by H Hasan

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